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Name of the responsible structure: Jaime Iregui
Type of structure: non profit organization
Profile of the initiators of the project : Jose Hernandez is a journalist and art collector. Jaime Iregui is an artist and his work is focused in spatial issues in the physical, conceptual and antrophological levels.
Continent : America
Country : Colombia
Address: kra 15 A # 58-74
City: Bogota
Tel / fax : + 57 1 287 6297
Mail :
Website :
Contact : josé hernandez, director and jaime iregui, project director

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Trust has been one of essential points in every activity of the Espacio : it allowed the physical and theoretical construction of the space, the opening to the public without a predetermined programmation with some play rules that privileged the artist’s autonomy when conceiving, formalizing and presenting his proposal to the public.

Espacio Vacà­o is a laboratory where everybody works within a team. There has been as many teams as projects, with links always made with universities, students, artists, other existing spaces, external institutions, the neighbourhood..

Former use : Before the Espacio Vacio was built in 1997, there was a small house used as stroreroom.
Total surface of the site : 300 MTS. 3 FLOORS
Location: CITY
Foundation year of the centre : 1997
Type of occupation: purchase
Owner of the building : JOSE HERNANDEZ

Infrastructures / Facilities image 200 x 134

- First floor : storeroom & audiovisual
- Second floor: office & apartment.
- Third floor: exhibition space

Social and artistic disciplines

- Exhibition, performances, seminars, art students practices,

- Spatial practices, projects with the neighborhood.

Financial support

- Private
- Cultural self-organization


- Esfera Pàºblica (Public Sphere)
Site with projects involving spatial practices in the city

Modified on Thursday 2 March 2006