Name of the responsible structure : La fabrica
Type of structure : association
Profile of the initiators of the project : students, artists, musicians, hand crafters, photographs, citizens
Continent : America
Country : Argentina
Address/tel/fax : sarmiento 1710, Lanus Este
1824 Provincia de Buenos Aires
mob :54 11 15 44 39 01 82
Mail :
Contact : Gustavo Quintana


In 1995, different people from diverse horizons got together in order to create a collective and solidarity project , which would become “la fabrica†. The starting point of this gathering was the shared vision of inequality in the access and the participation of the population in the cultural activities.
In 1997 the cultural centre “la fabrica†was created and since then many cultural and social activities where presented and developed there like recitals, artistic exhibitions, literature workshops, alphabetization courses, workshops and non formal trainings .

Through the years of activity, la fabrica became a pluricultural space, creating a cultural and social network in which are opened different spaces of participation, expression and exchanges of experience.
Our cultural, social and economical productions numbers many stories of solidarity and search of human dignity that we believe must be know from all. Our experience showed us that cultural development must be generated and promoted , but also that one should guaranty the social conditions for its reproduction and sustainability.
In order to achieve its objectives, la fabrica is divided in 3 areas:
-  cultural projects
-  communication projects
-  social and educational projects

Total surface of the site : 200 m²
Location : surrounding of buenos aires
Foundation year of the centre : 1997


- Library
- Main space for 150 people

Social and artistic disciplines

- Music concerts
- Visual art exhibition
- Literature workshops
- Development of popular libraries
- Access to new cultural practices
- Music production (recording)
- Exchanges with other association
- Comics library (fanzines) : Continum 4 ( organizing seminars, drawing workshops, ..)
- Technical assistance to families with structural and occasional problems
- Alphabetization activities

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