Name of the responsible structure: Rodrigo Mirto & Juan Pablo Ferrer
Type of structure:
Profile of the initiators of the project: Artist & Host
Continent : South América
Country : Argentina
Address: City of La Plata. Diagonal 77 nº 195 (C.P. 1900)//
TEL: +54-0221-154009602
Website :


Short history/project description (few lines) : The Heart Residency objective is to generate and make possible a personalized, free and independent artistic exchange.

It offers a complete management service and accommodation to artists from other countries who would like to come to La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The trip would allow mutual enrichment, a professional and emotive approach towards new experiences and aesthetic realities.
Residencia Corazà³n also offers all that would be necessary to circulate each artist’s work and to put on exhibitions in both La Plata and Buenos Aires.
The visiting artists will enjoy a dynamic and vibrantperiod of work where they have at their disposal a studio to complete their project whilst being introduced to new contacts with and within the local artistic community, institutions, cultural and general public.

Residencia Corazà³n has a living space and workshop in the center of La Plata only 30 minutes from Buenos Aires.
The conditions, duration and price of the residencies will be arranged on a personal basis to suit each artist according to their individual needs. Residencia Corazà³n has the institutional support of the Local Council of La Plata and from the Nation University of La Plata (UNLP) and also from various private companies in the city.

Former use : Art Center
Total surface of the site : 150 mts2 aprox
Location (city, suburbs, disused area, rural): Center of La Plata city
Foundation year of the centre : 1998
Type of occupation: contract
Owner of the building : Rodrigo Mirto & Juan Pablo Ferrer

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Infrastructures / Facilities

Art Gallery
One Room ( for two)

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Social and artistic disciplines

Exhibitions / Residencies /Workshops/ Debates / Concerts/ Performances/Multimedia/ Photography

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Financial support

Independent Proyect

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