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Name of the responsible structure : Emmetrop
Type of the structure : association law 1901 created in 1984
Continent : Europe
Country : France
Adress : 26 route de la Chapelle 18024 Bourges
Tel : 33 (0) 2 48 50 38 61
Fax : 33 (0) 2 48 20 55 01
e-mail : emmetrop@fr.fm
Website : http://www.emmetrop.fr.fm
Contact : Karine Noulette, directrice


This was initially a group of Bourges Art College students and a few individuals from various artistic circles (cinema, music, theatre), who decided to create an association to escape from the closed circuit of the art school and turn the everyday world into a place for experimenting with a concept in which art goes hand in hand with life. Its visibility and involvement are concentrated in the urban social arena. The driving force for its wide range of actions stems from sixteen years of human adventure: team spirit, independence, the promotion of young creativity, of emerging culture (concerts, shows, performances, publications, development of new art forms, creations, events, etc.)
Controlled, professional growth, where team projects are invariably rooted in consensus among active members and heavy involvement in the Bourges cultural scene; an openness of mind that paves the way for collaboration and joint effort.

From its beginnings as an occasional pastime to today’s wide ranging professional activity by people involved with culture for the masses, the Emmetrop association is confident of its future and continues to place its energy and passion at the service of art against social exclusion, ever moving and ever forward going.

Former use : building Leiseing
Location : between city centre and suburbs
Type of occupation : agrrement with the town of Bourges
Owner of the building : Bourges
Foundation year : 1992


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recording studio
3 rehearsal studios
1 exhibition room : Transpalette, 160 m² + 2 gangways of 60 m² each
1 dance hall
1 big top : circus school
1 resource centre : 25 m²
L’USINA-SON : rehearsal and musical guiding room for non- professionals and professionals (3 rehearsal studios)
residencies for artists

Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary theatre : diffusion

Music : production / festival ziva

Contemporary dance : diffusion / training workshop hip hop / festival

Visual arts : residencies / diffusion

Circus : residencies / creation / school

Multimedia : training workshop (french label ECM)

Press : production ( books editing / catalogues / fanzines / Comics )

Expression workshops

Cultural development for young people coming from every districts in the town (performances, workshops, master class, cultural sorties, mediation...)

Animation in collaboration with the association "Bandits-Mages" from the ECM (Espace Culture Multimédia)

Technical and musical trainings (sonorisation, digital sound...) and guiding for artistic activities for non professionals

European cultural exchanges

Other structures settled on the site

Le nez dans les étoiles (circus school)
Bandits Mages (video art)
Son Art Lab (digital music)

Financial partners

DRAC Centre Ministry of Culture / region)
City of Bourges
Préfecture du Cher
French Ministry of Culture / DDAT
Regional council of Centre
General council of Cher
Social Action Funds


Antenne Centre Réseau Printemps (location of music in Centre)
Vice-présidence de la FRACA musiques actuelles
(Fédération Régionale des Acteurs Culturels Associatifs musiques actuelles)
Banlieues d’Europe
Trans Europe Halles
Autres Parts

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