Name of the responsible structure : Bateau-Feu Ltd
Type of structure : Firm
Profile of the initiators of the project : the Batofar team
Continent : Europe
Country : France
Address : 11 quai François Mauriac
75013 Paris
Tel : 01 53 60 37 85 / Fax : 01 53 60 17 32
Contact : Mona Van Cocto (director)


Rehabilitated in 1999 out of cultural equipment by Signe et Eaux association, the BATOFAR’s artistic project is firstly orientated towards electronic music and digital art.
It follows an exploration, reception and support policy for the diffusion of the European musical and visual expressions broadcasting , related to an exploration urban space and the city.
In order to fulfill its mission of prospection of experimental practices the BATOFAR aims to discover alternative cultural mediums especially by organizing meetings between European labels, places and artists and festivals dedicated to national and international scenes.
Little by little the place has become more and more opened to all sorts of current pop music, asserting an interbreeding of the cultures and preaching diversity.

Former use : lightship
Total surface of the site : 300m²
Location : on a bank of the Seine in Paris
Foundation year of the centre : 1999
Type of occupation : rent
Owner of the building : Osprey Ltd

Infrastructures / Facilities

Venue : 75m²/ 225 to 250 people
Chill out

Social and artistic disciplines

All sorts of pop music : concerts, festivals, artist residencies, djing
Visual Arts: experimental movies, vjing, performances, digital art

Modified on Monday 13 February 2006