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Name of the responsible structure : Centre d’art Passerelle
Type of structure : non for profit organization
Continent : Europe
Country : France
Address: 41 rue Charles Berthelot 29200 Brest
Tel : 02 98 43 34 95
Fax : 02 98 43 29 67
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Chantal Bideau, présidente et coordinatrice; Emmanuelle Baleydier, chargé de communication


Passerelle is a 4500m2 space located in the very centre of Brest.
It has been managed by an association since 1988. Passerelle is the result of a meeting of art lovers, committed to activity in their town. Passerelle is a raw, naked site
Passerelle is an abandoned industrial site, whose exceptional large spaces and good natural lighting provide artists with a made to measure location. Through the sheer size of the premises, artists can give full scope to spatial expression, modifying perceptions and traditions.
Passerelle enables artists to return to the primitive first steps in producing a work; it’s a raw space; it allows hesitation, random experimenting; put quite simply, it enables the artistic approach. Passerelle provides artists with a raw space that lets itself be assimilated, lets artists play with the site itself.
For artists, Passerelle is like an empty canvas of monumental dimensions.

Former use : banana ripening room
Surface of the site : 4500 m²
Location : center of the city
Foundation year : 1986
Type of occupation : free-lending contract
Owner of the building : City of Brest

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Art gallery/exhibition places : 2500 m²
Offices : 2 + a hall
Workshop : 300 m² dedicated to educational activities

Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary theatre : diffusion

Music : diffusion

Contemporary dance : diffusion

Heritage-Architecture : diffusion

Visual art : residencies / creation / production /diffusion / debate /conference

Literature-Poetry : diffusion

Pedagogical activities:

- commented visitings for children at school (simple visiting with a pedagogical organizer), for adults (guided visitings of exhibitions first saturdays of each month).

- pedagogical activities: main goal of using every single child sense, its imagination, its culture through experience, observation, expression and its critical mind in an individual and collective way (fine art workshops for 6-12 years old, fine art workshops for adults, fine art training for 6-12 years old during school holidays, video workshops for students, free expression workshops for adults).

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City of Brest
Departmental council of Finistère (Conseil Général du Finistère)
Regional council of Britain (Conseil Régional de Bretagne)
Regional cultural Direction of Britain (DRAC Bretagne)

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