Name of the responsible structure : L’Avant Rue
Type of the structure : not for profit organization
Continent : Europe
Country : France
Address: 134 rue de Tocqueville, 75017 Paris
Tel : + 33 1 44 15 96 86
Fax : + 33 1 44 15 96 48
Contact : Sarah Harper (co-director), Clotilde Fayolle (production assitant)


L’Avant Rue is a cultural centre open to residencies for contemporary research. This old steam factory built by the Eiffel Workshop is directed by a street art troupe : friches théâtre urbain. L’Avant Rue receives artists working on multidisciplinary and unconventionnal forms. Our main centre of interest is site specific projects. For each residency, we imagine in concertation with the artist, a meeting with an identified public sector in order to encourage completion of the project and the permeability of the artistic process .

Former use : a steam factory built in 1898 by Eiffel workshop
Surface of the site : 400 m2
Environment : Ville de Paris
Foundation year : 1999
Type of occupation : lease
Owner of the building : private person

  • Ground floor space: 184 m2 (16m*11,5m ),
    • height : 12m - h
    • Under frame : 8,49m, h
    • under mezzanine : 4,33m
      available space with 8,49m height: 16*8m soit 128m2
  • Closed rehearsal space (currently mini cinem: 20 seats) : 45m2
  • Workshop (wood and construction): 48m2,
  • 2 Mezzanines : 60,5m2 + 75m2 with point highest points at 6,2 and 5,2 mètres
  • Kitchen : 25m2.
  • a bedroom for two people is available et certain times of the year

A residency centre for multidisciplinary art forms

  • Installation
  • Street art
  • Circus
  • Dance
  • Plastic art
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Projects involving the local community...

L’Avant Rue organizes

  • Painting exhibitions
  • Plastic and performance art work
  • Performances
  • Multimedia installation
  • Work in progress presentations and "meet the artists" sessions

Financial partners

Ministry of Culture and Communication
Region Ile de France
City of Paris


"Trans Europe Halles": membre,
"Actes-If" réseau de lieux culturels indépendants ,
"De Rue de Cirque" Fédération des Arts de la Rue.

La Fédération des Arts de la Rue (IDF & National)

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