Basic establishments

- 1 Festival’s goal

The aim of festival is to give overview about present state in the field of architecture, as well as about new trends of development, about maintenance of monuments, process of realization in form of audio-visual programs.
The purpose of the festival is to present the utilization of the new technologies and knowledge in practical life in the name of general development and creating cultural values.
Production in the objective fields will be stimulated and supported by competition and presentation.

- 2 Festival’s Enunciator

Enunciators and main organisers of the festivals are:

• Atarax s.r.o, film production company
• Technical University of Ko_ice
• Slovak Chamber of Architects

- 3 Festival’s establishments

Director of the festival is not yet assigned.
Director of the festival names the honorary board of festival.
Executive body of the festival is the organizational board named by the director of the festival.
Festival’s director names the members of selective committee and the professional jury after agreement with the enunciators.

- 4 Periodicity

The festival will take place in 3 year period.

- 5 Categories of competition

Basic competitive categories are:

- I. Documentary program
- II. Instructional program
- III. Promotional program

The enunciator reserves the right not to enunciate all competitive categories, eventually to add a new one.
The enunciator awards the main prize of the festival appointed by the professional jury.

- 6 Accompaning events

Specialized seminars, exhibitions, sponsor presentations, discussions.

Conditions of the participation

- 1 Program application

Competing programs can be registered by organizations, institutions or persons, that are the producers, owners or creators of these works. Application of the competing films must be approved by the owner of the copyrights.
Applications of the competing programs and the programs themselves must be sent in by deadline to the address of the organizers:

Atarax s.r.o,
6 Zizkova
04001 Kosice

Tel.: 00421 55 6785555
Tel./fax: 00421 55 6780418

The registration deadline is published on the application form.
Applications must include all requested information and in case of foreign language version english subtitles or english version must be attached as well.
The sender pays all transport and insurance costs.
Organisers pay transport costs to return the competing films to the sender.

- 2 Application of personal participation

Applications of the personal participation must be sent in by actual deadline to the address of the organizers. The applications will be confirmed by the organizers. Accreditted participants obtain information materials about the program of the festival and they have free entry to all competing projections and accompaning events.
Each participant pays his own stay costs.
Stay of guests invited by the enunciators is paid by enunciators.

- 3 Classification of the program to the competition

Applicant decides about the classification of the programme to competing categories.

Selective committee takes the right not to include the programme in the competition.

- 4 Technical conditions

BETACAM SP, DVCAM, formats are accepted for the competition.

- 5 Archiving of competitive programs

Organizers reserve the right to archive one copy of chosen competitive works in VHS format for internal needs and non commercial purposes.
Organizers undertake not to use the copies for commercial purposes without agreement of the owner of the copyrights.
Organizers reserve the right to use a trailer of 3 minutes maximum length for public presentation and festival publicity.

- 6 Prizes

Statutory prizes:

Category prizes - The professional international jury awards the prizes to the winners of the individual categories.
The main festival prize - The professional international jury awards the prize to the winning festival program.
The professional jury reserves the right not to award the main festival prize.

Non statutory Prizes:

Mayor of Ko_ice prize - prize awarded by the mayor of Kosice.
Students’ jury prize - prize awarded by students.
Architects’ prize - prize awarded by Slovak Chamber of Architects.

- 7 Additional establishments

Festival’s official language is Slovak.

The organisers of the individual volumes of the festival associate with other subjects, which participate whether by sponsorship or co-organisation.

The enunciator of the festival takes the right to decide about everything that is not stated in the statute.

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