The simultan project is the second edition of an international experimental video/sound festival,
which will take place between 18-20th of May in Timisoara, Romania.

Simultan intended to offer a platform for the new generations of artists and young cultural producers.
The event aims to promote the activity of young artists and of those who belong to the contemporary movement,
through introducing and presenting the current processes and the most innovating and revolutionary tendencies in video and sound.

The event is open to all artists (groups) who work with video image and not only. Those interested may apply,
without any thematic restrictions, with a maximum number of 3 works
(movies, animations, vj loop) each having a length that must not exceed 100 seconds.

Technical details

- before the video there have to be recorded 5 blank seconds.
- works must be sent in 720x576 Quicktime or Avi format with dv-pal compression and
48kh sound.
- on CD/DVD (data) support or mini-dv tape.
For each video separately, the participant must fill in an application form, (download)
which must contain a short description of the work, a CV and a photo of the artist.
- 2-3 still images in jpg format must be sent from each video, 720x576 pixels dimension.
Applications can be downloaded from our web site at

All works will be watched and selected by a jury. Only those accepted will be a part of the programme.
Members of the jury:
Alina SERBAN - independent curator, Stefan TIRON - curator/artist, Sorin VREME - artist

After the event, a catalogue with DVD will be published about the festival.
A presentation will also be available on the site:
Each of the admitted participants will receive a catalogue by the end of 2006.

The organisers reserve the right to use the works into other presentations or partner events
with the aim of promoting the Simultan Festival, but not for commercial purposes.

Works will be submitted to the address below:
Asociatia Simultan
OP.1 - CP.532, Timisoara , Romania

Applications will also be sent by e-mail:

All deliveries must be marked with the phrase
“no commercial value - for cultural purposes only”.

Please include a Stamped Self-addressed Envelope, if you want your examples of work returned.

For additional information please contact:
Levente Kozma - Festival director

The deadline for submission of works and applications is -
April 10 th , 2006 (postmark).

The festival entry is free of charge.

Simultan organization
Str. Dimitrie Cantemir 1/B/4,
300001 Timisoara, Romania
p: +40 740.300.806

Modified on Tuesday 28 March 2006