TRACKS, an international arts training programme, which will take place in Cork (Ireland), from the 18th to the 27th of June, 2006.

This training is designed for artists coming from North Africa, Middle East and Europe who work in all art disciplines and have an interest in developing artistic projects with diverse communities both on a local and international level.

This training invites artists to participate in a multi-disciplinary arts training programme that will inspire and stimulate them to develop their own personal work and at the same time to create social art platforms in their own countries.

TRACKS will be hosted by Boomerang Theatre Company, who produces multidisciplinary art projects that specifically has a resonance with communities on an international level. The company co-ordinates a north and south of Ireland network for artists and youth leaders called You C.A.N. The network provides international arts reconciliation seminars and training for artists and community leaders who have an interest in developing arts programming for young people.

Enclosed please find the programme and short description of the event, and the registration form.

Tracks is supported by the Euro-med programme. The cost to the artist coming from the Middle East and Northern Africa is 25 euro: The cost to the artist coming from Europe is 150 Euro. This money covers flights, accommodation and food for 10 days.

Please fill out the registration form but do not not send any money until we have confirmed your place.

If you need more information or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 00353 21 431 6826 referring your call to Tracks or ask to speak with Trish Edelstein or Eszter Nemethi.

Boomerang Theatre Company
T: 0034 21 431 68 26 / 21 484 04 22
Fax: 00353 21 431 68 26
Cork. Ireland

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