ARCfest is a Social Justice Arts Festival that will be held from October 23rd-29th in multiple venues in the Queen West Art and Design District and Parkdale neighbouroods in Toronto. As a multi-disciplinary festival, ARCfest features art events, panel discussions, speakers, and workshops addressing local social justice issues.

They are looking for provocative, radical, inspiring, empowering, innovative and/or enlightening works from across the artistic media (ie film, poetry, performing arts, music, visual arts and anything
else you consider art). Proposals must address local social justice/activist/human rights issues.

Their multiple venues allow for projects of diverse size and scale. they encourage projects that are co-created or co-produced by an artist together with an organization involved in social justice pursuits (though this is not a requirement)

ARCfest Goals:

ARCfest aims to create a forum for dialogue and collaboration between diverse communities united by an interest in local social justice issues and to support the community of progressive artists, activists and communityworkers.

ARCfest is a project of Face in the Crowd — a collective of artists and activists that use art as a creative means to affect social change. They are committed to producing and promoting socially relevant art that encourages and affirms the values of dignity, freedom, equality and social justice.

ARCfest encourages artists and curators at any stage in their career to submit a proposal.

All chosen artists will receive honorariums.

How to Submit

ARCfest Proposals (max. of 2 proposals per person)
Please include in your submissions the following:
1) Name, address, telephone number, email
2) Support material including: slides (max. 10 slides), photographs (max.5)
5) writing (max. 10 pages) a CD (max 1. CD), VHS or DVD, or any representations of your artwork, if possible. We will accept rough-cuts of films still in progress.
3) A CV or resume and brief bio about yourself (max 2. pages)
4) Description of the artwork, including physical dimensions, technical requirements (max 2. pages)
5) An artistic statement that includes the relevance of your artwork to local social justice issues (max 2. pages)
6) A self-addressed envelope with sufficient return postage if you want support materials to be returned
7) (optional) Organizations or individuals who you would like to have participate in a panel discussion following your event or to set up a resource table at your event.

ARCfest is committed to supporting equity and embraces submissions from diverse communities.
SEND TO: Face in The Crowd Collective PO BOX 128. Station E, Toronto ON, M6H 4E1

ATTN: ARCfest Submissions Committee

(submissions will not be accepted by email)


Face in the Crowd will not accept responsibility for damage/loss to support material.

For more information: email or visit

Modified on Monday 10 April 2006