The One Minutes (TOM) is a brand name for moving images that last exactly one minute. It fits well in our world of looking quickly, understanding immediately and it is a response to the influence of commercials, video clips and the increased affordability of camera’s, computers and access to Internet. The limited time frame forces the maker to think critically about what he/ she would like to show us. The flexibility of the formula and the diversity of dissemination from the street to galleries, tv and festivals make it an attractive and accessible contemporary art form for a broad audience.

The One Minutes were launched in 1998 and by now it has developed into a global network with makers from 60 countries and an archive of 9000 video works that are shown (inter) nationally at festivals, on tv, internet, exhibitions etc. The One Minutes foundation manages a wealth of images, facilities, contacts and experiences and would like to share this with third parties.

An upcoming high point will be the Olympic One Minutes in China. A world one minutes exhibition of the best, the most interesting, one minutes videos from around 80 countries, together lasting 1000 minutes.

There will be three categories:

1. Art.
2. (Self) portrait.
3. The best of the world.

The Olympic One Minutes is going to be an exhibition with additional television broadcasts and videos on mobile phone. A manifestation that will show what artists, young people and others can create within the limited freedom of sixty seconds. There will be encounters, communal experiences and art never to be forgotten. The Olympic One Minutes will take place in 2008, just before the Olympic Games, probably in the Millennium Art Museum in Beijing.

To secure as many contributions from around the globe, we need a good partner in every country who operates as national TOM centre promoting the one minutes nationally and selecting one minutes for the world one minutes exhibition. Each centre will be able to act independently on national level but can be supported by the TOM foundation if needed. Since the platform of the One Minutes offers excellent international exposure and communication for upcoming artists around the globe, we are looking for partners (video artists initiatives, art academies or other cultural institutions) who have a network of artists around them. We offer you:

- DVD’s with one minute compilations for local/national use

- Application forms for local/national use

- Representation of your institution/initiative on The One Minutes website

- Brochures and publications for local/national distribution

- Participation in our annual competition and award ceremony

- Representation in international exhibitions, on tv and at short film festivals

- Opportunities to be country representative for the Olympic One Minutes in the Millenium Art Museum in Beijing, 2008

If you are interested please contact our international coordinator:

Sophie Leferink
Fred Roeskestraat 98
1076 ED Amsterdam

Modified on Thursday 2 March 2006