I INTERNATIONAL YOUNG PAINTING EXHIBITION <> Gold Medal - Martinez Lozano Prize For young artists up to 35 years old residing in the Mediterranean Basin
The Honourable Town Council of the town of Montblanc, the Commission for Culture of the La Serra Festivities, Montblanc and Region’s Arxiu Museum and the Martinez Lozano Friends Association summon the <> Martinez Lozano Prize and Vila de Montblanc Gold Medal, for young artists up to 35 years residing in the Mediterranean Basin - Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Malta, Greece, Bulgary, Turkey, Siria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Libye, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco - , which will be regulated by the following:


1.- All those painters up to thirty-five years old, resident in any of the countries listed on the preamble, are eligible to apply.
2.- It is set a unique prize of 6.000 Euros and the Vila de Montblanc Gold Medal.
3.- The works main topic is of free choice.
4.- Every artist can only submit one work, which it is essential not to have been submitted to any other art contest.
5.- The minimum size of the works is 92 x 73 cm. ,and the maximum is 146 x 114 cm.
6.- All pictures performed in any technique and on any surface will be accepted.
7.- The pictures submitted must be strip-framed.
8.- Pictures must be posted to:
Museu Arxiu, C. Josa, 6 43400 Montblanc (Spain)
The admission deadline is August 30th, 2006.
9.- Previous to the posting of the paintings, a photographic copy must be e-mailed to info@mccb. es, or sent on CD format to the postal address stated above, before July 25th 2006.
10.- Amongst all photographic copies received, a previous selection will be carried out by a jury with a distinguished artistic category. Successful applicants will be informed of the selection results, so that they send the original works. These successful works will be displayed on an exhibition out of which the winning picture will be chosen.
11.- Every contestant must attach with the CD or e-mail their artistic career curriculum, and a document that certifies their age, and place of residence.
12.- When the works are received, the artist or deliverer will be handed in an acknowledgement receipt, or they will be faxed it, if they prefer and indicate so. In the event of no indication, the receipt will in possession of the Organising Committee.
13.- The Jury’s verdict will be disclosed at the beginning of September 2006, during the Inauguration View of the selected works exhibition, in Montblanc. It will also be made public through the media and the winning author will be personally notified. This exhibition will be on during all September.
14.- The Organizing Committee is presided by the honourable Mayor of the town of Montblanc, Mr. Josep M. Campdepadrós and it is made up by Josep M. Sans Montseny representing the La Serra Festivities Committee; Maties Solé, Arxiu Museum Director, representing this entity; Olívia Comino, President of the Martinez Lozano Friends Association and Josep M. Carreras, representing the Martinez Lozano Friends Association, who will perform the secretary functions.
15.- The Jury will be made up by outstanding personalities of the art scene.
16.- The winning picture will become property of the Montblanc Town Council, that will deposit it in the Montblanc and Region’s Arxiu Museum art holding, and will be part of a collection on painting in the Mediterranean Basin.
17.- If there is no indication otherwise, the submitted works can be put on for sale at the price established by the author on the details list that must be attached to the picture. Also, on this list it must be specified the payment method if the work is sold.
18.- If the jury members consider so, they might grant two accessit prizes <>, with no economic endowment. These two works will remain property of the authors, or put up for sale, if they authorize it.
19.- The Organizing Committee will take the maximum care to prevent any damages to the works, from reception until delivery to transport company or to the same author. Nevertheless, the Organizing Committee takes no direct responsibility.
20.- Both remittance and return postage charges must be paid by the author, although it is being considered whether to give any grants to defray picture postage and insurance.
21.- The unsuccessful or unsold works will be sent back on author’s request, who will determine what address they must be posted to. This notification can be done via telephone or fax on (34) 977.86.03.49.
22.- By December 31st, 2006 all painters must have made the petition for return of the work or must have sent a document of cession in favour of Arxiu Museum, that will include it to their collection on painting in the Mediterranean Basin (aforementioned on condition no 16).
23.- The Organizing Committee will endeavour for the maximum broadcasting of the exhibition and the prize.
24.- The artist, just by taking part in this contest, accepts these CONDITIONS and the decisions taken by the Organizing Committee, with no rights to complain.

Modified on Friday 16 June 2006