"Self Image and Artistic Expression in Africa and the Arab World"
6 - 13 February 2004
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina + The Garage Theatre, Alexandria / Egypt

"Roaming Inner Landscapes", a forum of writers and dancers on self-image and identity, will be organized by Young Arab Theatre Fund*. This project aims to define the similarities and distinctions between images and artistic expressions of "self" and "identity" amongst African and Arab artists.

A preparatory meeting has been held during the Forum "DAMA Danser dans la Méditerranée Arabe" at El Teatro, Tunis / Tunisia, 10 January 2004.

Program of the Forum:

• Presentation of dance performances and readings that raise questions of identity, self expression, the" other’s" preconceptions and their influences on self Image
• Presentation of commissioned dance and literary works indicative of topics at hand
• Closed sessions among the artists to discuss their works (see below)
• Publication of booklets of commissioned writings
• Open discussion with the audience at the end of the forum where a moderator will raise questions in an attempt to synthesize learning points, impressions, and prospects of future collaborations.

The discussions will explore issues such as:

• Self-image and artistic expression
• The definition of identity from the artist perspective.
• The role of heritage in contemporary art.
• The effect of preconceptions and expectations being laid on artistic expression in Africa and the Arab world.

A publication will be produced to document the event.


YATF Young Arab Theatre Fund
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* Young Arab Theatre Fund, YATF, is a regional production fund designed to benefit young Arab artists and aims at encouraging the continuation of independent theatre in the Arab World and raise its artistic standard. The Fund is working through different programs: production, travel, in addition to the presentation of artists in different venues and festivals within the Arab World and beyond.

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