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We are happy to inform you of a very special edition of @rtfactories, directly from Shanghai, China. We would like to share with you this unique moment that will
see more than 50 representatives of art and cultural centres from Asia and Europe, but also from Canada, Québec and Brazil, gather from the 25th to the 27th of
this moment in the premises of the BizArt centre.

This international meeting is organized by the Artfactories Association and BizArt, with the support of the Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF).

The purpose of this important meeting is to establish a workable network between these organizations, wherein artistic and intellectual exchanges and projects can
be implemented in the long term in a a sustainable way. This meeting will provide the ideal atmosphere to develop solid relationships of cooperation. The network
that will hopefully emerge as a result of this meeting will be integral in facilitating communication and exchange between the European and the Asian region.
The Asia-Europe Foundation supports the initiative as part of its new program, Asia-Europe Artists, a series of workshops aiming at stimulating a new
environment where artistic projects and exchanges between Asia and Europe can be tested and developed in the context of artists‚ run spaces and networks of

The structure of the symposium, at BizArt Art Center, will take the form of a collective installation, where each organization can present its own space. Each space can display in any form or medium that they feel suits them: installation piece, video projections, and so on. At the same time, BizArt will host five nformal
workshops focusing on pertinent issues related to contemporary spaces and the current situation in art.

Due to the intense preparation required by organising this meeting, the number of news we present this month on our website is fewer than usual. Nevertheless you
will be able to read updated information related to cultural autonomous centres and art issues.

See you at the next edition of this bulletin ...

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Modified on Friday 24 September 2004