In the frame of Kà¶zraktà¡r Projekt, project of reconversion of the former general warehouses of budapest into a cultural independant space, workshops with hungarian and international artists and local population are organized in October 2004, in site.

What kind of events will take place in October 2004 ?

These international weeks of workshop and the following art events will illustrate the creative potentials of the dialogue between the emotional ambiance and reality of the place. Participants of the workshops, who are in the meanwhile users of the place, may show their professional and artistic abilities.

Which parts of the buildings will be used ?

- Basement of buldings A and C
- Ground floor, 4 blocks in building A, 1 block in building B
- First floor, 1 block in building A

Outlines for the workshop weeks

As the first step of the utilization of the buildings, in the frame odf this experiment several art groups participate in the international workshop, attracting the attention of a part of Budapest’s population.

First will be organized a preparation stage in the first two weeks of October (4-15 October), that will help artists coming from diverse fields to meet each other. After the intensive workshop a performance will open the location for the public, on the weekend of ’Attachment and Opening’ (16-17 October).
The opening weekend will feature those human and creative experiences that appeared during the first weeks’ encounters and exchanges among the gathered artists. These artists will deal with a common theme, in order to emphasize and show the public what does an independent cultural centre mean and involve.
The opening weekend oriented towards the public is an independent project. The second day will give space to theatre and other performances. This will express the importance of spaces of creation that are open to the public, in a way that uses these spaces themselves as subjects of the demonstration.

The two weeks of workshop and the opening weekend will be followed by the second stage of the project, workshops with the theme of independent cultural centre again, oriented even more towards the public and visitors than before. Thus this last week of the event, called ’Open week/Air currents’ doesn’t only allow artists to commence new researches and projects, but also enables the habitants to participate in diverse workshops, led by artisits parallel with their own work - creating an interaction between these two activities.
The role of the last stage, the fourth weekend (25-30 October) will not be to close the creative process, but to emphasize and keep the main point of this experiment: the operation of the independent cultural centre. The Kà¶zraktà¡r Projekt team will collect all the works and projects realized during this one month, will initiate a dialogue and examine the results of the experiment, posing questions about the future of Kà¶zraktà¡rak.

The organizers are motivated by their claim for intensive artistic activity and by the will to create a self-sustained, solidary economic structure, built by the contributions of other artists and all those who want to take part. It means that all participants, organizers and artisits work for free.
The entry will be free for the whole manifestation, all exhibitions, events and workshops. The event serves as a basis for further original, contemporary art programs.

For more information about the workshops and Kà¶zraktà¡r Projekt, please contact Etienne Samin

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