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Associacio Marato de l’espectacle is a cultural organisation in Barcelona whose main aim is to develop social and culture activities. At the present time, the association is working on a new project called INTERFERENCIA: Artistic Interventions in Urban Spaces, an international festival in Barcelona for the year 2005 showing different artistic interventions in some public spaces of the city (collective actions and workshops).

One of the first activities of this project is the collaboration with the Barcelona Contemporary Culture Centre in the development of a three-days symposium called CITIES AFTER DISASTER, that will take place on 7, 8, and 9 July 2004. The symposium, thanks to the participation of arquitects and sociologists from all over the world, attempts to set out a highly textured conceptual terrain for thinking through the intersections between cities and disasters, and the project INTERFERENCIA will give the artistic approach to the subject.

In this sense, a research is developped about artistic interventions (dance, theatre, audiovisual and visual arts) taking place in urban and public spaces in cities after disasters (understanding disasters in a wide sense: natural disasters, technological disasters or social and political disasters, like wars, overpopulation, etc). The aim is to support the meeting with audiovisual materials (especially video and photo documents) about these artistic interventions.

The cities involved in this project are:

- MUMBAI-India (concerning the over population phenomenon/disaster)

- RIO DE JANEIRO-Brasil (“favelas†phenomenon)

- BEIRUT-Lebanon (war)

- JOHANNESBURG-South Africa (war, apartheid)

- MADRID-Spain (terror attacks on the 11.March.2004)

- NEW YORK-USA (terror attacks on the 11.September.2001)

- GALICIA-Spain (Prestige oil disaster)

- JERUSALEM-Israel (war)

- SARAJEVO-Bosnia Herzegovina (war)

- ZAIRE/MOZAMBIQUE-Africa (wars)

Contact :
Maria Teresa Greco or Mar Cordobes

Modified on Monday 14 June 2004