Name of the responsible structure : c.a.d.ha.me. (Comité d’Animation et de Développement de la HAlle de MEisenthal)
Type of the structure : Association loi 1908 (equivalent alsacien-mosellan of the 1901 law)
Continent : Europe
Country : France
Adress : Halle Verrière b.p. 8, 57960 Meisenthal
Tel : 33 3 87 96 82 91
Fax : 33 3 87 96 99 59
e-mail : cadhame@wanadoo.fr
Contact : Audrey Staub ( public relation / visual arts assistant) or Franck Schuster (cultural animation and mediation)


The “c.a.d.ha.me†association is the meeting up of three local cultural initiatives: the Eureka association, which since 1983 has organised concerts and festivals of “today’s music†; the sculptor Stephan Balkenhol, who has taken up the task of cultural advisor; and the Amoros & Augustin theatre company from a nearby village in Alsace, who wish to use this "Hall of Glass" as an anchor for its educational initiative to the schoolchildren of North Vosges, the protected area in which Meisenthal is situated. On completion of renovation work, the Halle Verrière will house a multidisciplinary workspace (Today’s music, Plastic arts, Theatre, etc.), mostly run by the three partners.

Former use : glass factory
Surface of the site : about 6000 m2 (ground floor + basement)
Location : rural (village of 800 inhabitants)
Foundation year : mai 1996
Type of occupation : free-lending contract
Owner of the building : City of Meisenthal


rehearsal studio after rehabilitation
concert hall : at the moment : local hall put at disposal (150 to 600 people) / after rehabilitation : construction of concert hall (under national label : SMAC)(650 to 1500 people)
multifunctional space after rehabilitation
restaurant nearly (in village)
venue(650 to 1500 people) after rehabilitation
offices : at the moment located out of the Halle, included to the Halle after rehabilitation
exterior space : exterior courtyard 1000 m2 belongs to the district community which put at c.a.d.ha.me. disposal
exhibition room : at the moment
associative space after rehabilitation

Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary theatre: residencies (to envisage) / creation (Amoros&Augustin) / Diffusion / rental spaces (to envisage)

Music: residencies / diffusion / training workshop(Master Class)/ Debates / Conferences (auditive risks / instrumental practices) / rental spaces(to envisage)

Street performing arts : diffusion

Visual arts : residencies (visual artists) / diffusion

Solidarity-Citizenship: rental spaces (to envisage)

Writing / Literature : residencies (to envisage)

Other structures settled on the site

Centre International d’Art Verrier
Maison du Verre et du Cristal (Musée, structure associative)
AICSEPT (Association Intercommunale Culturelle pour le Sport, l’Education, Le Patrimoine et le Tourisme)

Financial partners

DRAC Lorraine (Ministry of culture in region)
DRAC Alsace (Ministry of culture in region)
General council of Moselle (department)
Regional council of Lorraine
District Community of Glass and Crystal Countries
City of Meisenthal
Natural country park of Vosges du Nord
Departmental direction of youth and sport of Moselle
European funds(Leader II, ...)
Public institutions of the Lorraine metropolis


Zic Zac en Lorraine (Lorrain diffuser network of music)
ADDAM 57 (Association for the Dance and Music Development in Moselle)