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Name of the responsible structure : Compagnie la Goutte d’eau
Type of the structure : Theatre company
Continent : Europe
Country : France
Adress : Gare fràªt 13 rue Pierre Sémard 94400 Vitry sur seine
Tel : 33(0)1 55 53 22 22
Fax : 33(0)1 46 82 43 17
Contact : Mustapha Aouar, directeur / Elsa Mocquet

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Construction began in June 1996 in this disused goods station and continued until the building was brought up to standard in May 1998. In a hurry to get things going, the artistic project began taking shape in September 1996 amidst breeze blocks. Since then creators have moved in and left their marks. No needless actions, everything builds, everything contributes to the consistency of artistic purpose, which thereby becomes a collective effort. We recognise ourselves because we chose each other. Through a coherent, deliberate vision cutting across a multiplicity of activities (theatre, music, dance, video, plastic arts), we are generating a movement that is winning the trust of creators and public alike. The only thing making this possible is our flexibility and independence of working. Thus in urgent cases we can adjust our offering to respond to the needs of the moment. Our responsibility is to build a personality for an emerging site, yet another singular path among all those seeking alternative ways.

Former use : former unloading hall
Surface of the site : 1350m2
Location : train (RER-Fret) station
Foundation year: 1996
Type of the occupation : location
Owner of the building : SNCF

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rehearsal studio
small restoration
multifunctional space : central hall
multimedia room
conferences room
working room
exhibition room
dance hall
7 working room

Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary theatre : residencies(Cie la Goutte d’eau and other cies) / creation / production (Les Petits petits, Nous n’irons pas à Avignon)/ diffusion / rental spaces

Music : production / diffusion / rental spaces

Contemporary dance : creation / production / diffusion / rental spaces

Visual arts : creation / diffusion / rental spaces

Circus : rental spaces

Street performing arts: rental spaces

Multimedia : rental spaces

Cinema-Audiovisual : creation / diffusion / rental spaces

Radio-Television : rental spaces

Solidarity-Citizenship : creation / rental spaces

Writing : creation (all trimesters, le Bocal Agité, 3 days around contemporary writing)

Press : creation (newspaper editing, "La Revue de la Gare", the third number edited for Le Bocal Franco-Chinois on the 21st of february 2004 + "Le à” Parleur", a quarterly publication on information about a thematic which is then declined in news, presentation of spaces, people and which includes then a special folder) / rental spaces

Financial partners

Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Ile de France
Région Ile de france


Centre arabo-africain de formation et de recherches théâtrales
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