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Name of the responsible structure: Système Friche Theatre
Type of the structure : association
Initiators of the project : In 1992, two producers, Massalia (Puppet theatre) and AMI (Aides aux Musiques Innovatrices) in association with a management structure, Système Friche Théâtre, integrated together with about other ten cultural ventures the building of the tobacco manufacture la Seita which became Friche la Belle de Mai
Continent : Europe
Country : France
Address : Système Friche Théâtre - La Friche la Belle de Mai - 13331 Marseille Cedex 3 - France
Tel : 33 4 95 04 95 04
Fax : 33 4 95 04 95 00
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Philippe Foulquié, director

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La Belle de Mai is a venue for artists invited by producers who operate from the venue itself or are invited. The organization is based on 45 cultural workers - art companies, independent artists, service and training organizations - working with all the contemporary art fields: theatre, music, dance, plastic arts, cinema and video creation, information and communication technology, cross-disciplinary activities. The project is based on the "Artist’s Word" and what it brings about in terms of social, economic and urban realities until reaching/meeting the public.

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Former use : tobacco manufacture
Surface of the site : 12 hectares
Foundation year : 1990
Type of occupation : free-lending contract for Système Friche Théâtre
Owner of the building : City of Marseille


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6 Rehearsal studios : 2000 m²
Bar/Restaurant : 400m²
Dance hall : 1000 m²
3 Theatre hall : 3000 m²
Art gallery/exhibition places : 500 m²
18 Artist residencies spaces (music, visual arts,...) : 2000 m²
Associations spaces : 2000 m²
Multi-use spaces (exhibition, performances, residencies) : 10 000 m²

Social and artistic disciplines

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Visual art
Radio: Radio Grenouille (88.8 fm)
Graphic creation

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Community projects with the neighbourhood
Associations’ residencies
Specific cultural activities for children
Artists’ residencies
Recording studios audio and vidéo
Artistic education / training: trainings for contemporary music, dancen singing, music....

The producers

A.M.I - Association des Musiques Innovatrices
associated producer of Friche’s direction dedicated to music : hip-hop, expérimental, flamenco...
Ferdinand Richard

Producer, residencies and exhibitions of contemporary art
Gilles Barbier

Research and creation, Art, science and technology
Isabelle de Roquette

Mediterranean workshop of production and sound creation
Lucien Bertolina

Massalia Théâtre de Marrionnettes
the theatre producer of la Friche ; it operates the theatrical programmation : theatre, young public theatre , puppet show, circus...
Philippe Foulquié

(Moving Project / Projets en Mouvement)
Tool vector of contemporary creation
Michèle Philibert

Triangle France
Producer, résidencies exhibitions of contemporary art
Alun Williams

Producer, video and multimedia diffusion,reference library
Calole Novara

Financial support

City of Marseille
Ministry of Education
Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region
General council of Bouches du Rhônes

Percentage of own income : 10%



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