Lijiang Studio in Yunnan Province, China, is looking for short video pieces to be shown in the the city of Kunming in late March 2005.

The event explores the circumstances in which we see moving pictures. The
videos will be shown from a mobile projecting machine,* which will travel
through the city at certain times of the evening, attracting crowds and
showing video for short times - anywhere from a few seconds to 20 minutes.

We are looking for short pieces from any country to be shown in uncertain
circumstances, possibly multiple times. We are open to any submissions, but
are generally seeking experimental work, work relating to the viewing and
projecting of moving images, and work which grabs (or resists) attention.

Deadline: February 28, 2005.

Format: DVD or miniDV, PAL.

Mail to: Lijiang Studio / #85 Yuanxi Lu 2-3-202/ Kunming/ Yunnan/ PRC 650056/
tel: +86 138 8855 8345/ Jay Brown

This event is sattellite to a festival of documentary films from China

*The machine is an LCD projector, speakers, and a DVD player/computer
mounted on the back of a Chinese cargo tricycle. The driver has a megaphone,
and attracts people in the vicinity of an interesting place to project. Some
showings will be unscheduled, some will be announced in flyers and posters

Modified on Tuesday 25 January 2005