Name of the responsible structure: Usine C
Profile of the initiators of the structure: Carbone 14 company
Continent : America
Country : Canada
Address: 1345, avenue Lalonde
Montréal (Québec) H2L 5A9
Tel: + 1 (514) 521-4198
Fax : + 1 (514) 521-3681
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Yves Sheriff


The Usine C develops a hosting politics which has for main objective to favour and support creative diffusion in the field of theatre, as well as dance, music or visuals arts.

The co- founders, Gilles Maheu and Danièle de Fontenay, have developed with the architects Saucier-Perrotte and the scenographs from Scéno Plus, a concept for a cultural equipment which considers simplicity and conviviality and efficacy of technical assistance.
As the space is variable, the diffusion room is equipped with mobile tiers; and the technical ceiling is accessible for all scenic mechanisms.

The main area of the space can host Carbone 14 (theatrical company), PRIM (production center for media arts), the ACREQ (Association pour la création et la recherche électroacoustiques du Québec), the ECM (Ensemble contemporain de Montréal), the CQM (Conseil Québécois de la musique) and Les Coups de Théâtre. Those cultural organisms working in various sectors, but complementary in the creation, offer possibilities for a concrete and stimulating synergy and enhance the Ontario street.

Former use : Raymond marmalade factory
Total surface of the site : 50.000 feet
Localization : south center in Montreal

Infrastructures / Facilities

1 diffusion room, mobile (472 seats)
1 café
Rental rooms : The Usine C can be rented for all kind of festivities (banquet, cocktail parties, shootings, private viewings, fashion parades...) and can offer theatrical lighting, sound equipment, food (banquet in the studio for 100 people, banquet in the big room for 500 people.... )

Social and artistic disciplines

Dance : creation, diffusion
Theatre : creation, diffusion
Music : creation, diffusion
Visual arts : creation, diffusion
Opera : diffusion
Electronical arts : diffusion

Other structures/organizations resident on the site

Carbone 14 (theatrical company)
PRIM (production center in media arts),
l’ACREQ (Association pour la création et la recherche électroacoustiques du Québec),
l’ECM (Ensemble contemporain de Montréal),
le CQM (Conseil québécois de la musique)
Les Coups de Théâtre

Partners for the year 2003/2004 :

Conseil des arts et des lettres (Québec)
Canadien Heritage


Réseau: Rideau

Modified on Monday 16 February 2004