Contact :

Name of the responsible structure : Western Front Society
Profile of the initiators of the project: eight artists
Continent : North America
Country : Canada
Address/tel/fax :
303 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1S1
Tel : (604) 876-9343
Fax : (604) 876-4099
Mail : admin@front.bc.ca
Website : www.front.bc.ca
Contact : Gabriel Alden, General Manager


The Western Front Society is an artist run centre that is dedicated to the production, exhibition, and
promotion of contemporary electronic/media art. The organization’s facilities are housed in a turn of
the century Knights of Pythias Hall - a two and a half storey wooden building that contains an
exhibition space, a dance studio, a live performance venue, and a video production and recording
studio. Through a variety of programs we commission artists to make presentations and create new
work. FRONT magazine is a bi-monthly publication of artist ideas and Western Front program information.

Since our inception in 1973, we have maintained a commitment to the exploration of alternatives to
mainstream culture. Performance art, electronic music and video have evolved to accomodate
telecommunications and computer interactive works. An interest in non-western cultural traditions
has helped us to establish links with contemporary artists in East Asia, India and Latin America. The
Western Front is a node on a global network of artist initiated projects.


The Western Front was founded in 1973 by eight artists who wanted to create a space for the
exploration and creation of new art and new art forms. It quickly became a focal point for poets,
dancers, musicians and visual artists. As a focal point of experimental art practice through the
1970’s and 80’s, the Western Front, and other centres like it, played a major role in the
development of the electronic art form. This includes video-art, sound-art, the use of
telecommunications to explore a global arts network, and the use of computer-interactive
technologies to explore the connection between the art-viewer and the art-space. From the outset, the
Western Front has been linked to similar ventures in other countries. Over the years the
organization has become the training ground and springboard for many young artists, especially those
working outside the commercial art market. With a staff of ten people plus students and volunteers,
the centre now produces over 100 events a year. It’s artist-in-residence program invites artists
from many different countries to produce new works in media/electronic art.

Foundation year : 1973


- exhibition space
- a dance studio
- a live performance venue
- a video production and recording studio

Social and artistic disciplines

-  music : residencies, jazz, electronics,
contemporary and world music (especially from the asia-pacific
region), spaces rental for productions

-  contemporary dance : spaces rental for performances

-  visual art: production, exhibition, and
promotion of contemporary electronic/media art, artist-in-residence program (to produce new works in media/electronic art),

-  cinema/audiovisual : spaces rental for film/video screenings

-  spaces rental for debates/lecture/conferences

-  literature/poetry :spaces rental for readings and events

-  press : front magazine