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Name of the responsible structure: MERCER UNION, A CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART
Type of structure: not-for-profit charitable organization (artist-run-centre)
Profile of the initiators of the project: collective
Continent : North America
Country : Canada
Address :
37 Lisgar Street,
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, M6J 3T3
Tel: 416.536.1519
Fax: 416.536.2955
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Contact : Natalie De Vito, Administrative and Platform Director


Mercer Union is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to the existence of contemporary art. Conceptually and aesthetically engaging art acts as a catalyst for a new conversation, and we insist on providing the place for its production and exhibition. We pursue our primary concerns through critical activities such as exhibitions, lectures, screenings, performances, publications, events and special projects.

We support the professional development of artists and provide a place to stimulate discussions between national and international artists. One of our main objectives is
to support the creation and development of new and site-specific work, often premiering international artists’ work alongside that of local artists.

Former use : warehouse
Total surface of the site : 2000 sq. ft.
Location : city, commercial/industrial
Foundation year of the centre : 1979
Type of occupation : lease

Infrastructures / Facilities

The Front Gallery, accommodates large-scale work and group shows (1200 sq. ft.)

The Back Gallery, a light-tight project room well suited to film, video and intimate installations (300 sq. ft.).

All gallery walls are dry-walled to a height of 10 ft., and the ceiling height varies between 13-15 ft. Fluorescent lighting.

The Peephole, a small 2x2 ft space located behind a peephole in the wall through which small-scale installations are viewed.

Social and artistic disciplines

- visual art : production, exhibition, and promotion of conceptually engaging and/or site-specific contemporary art in all media, international artist-in-residence programme (to produce new works for exhibition)

- platform projects: production, space and promotion of new music events, performances, lectures, film and video screenings, etc.

Financial support

- Canada Council for the Arts
- Ontario Arts Council
- Toronto Arts Council

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