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Name of the responsible structure : Quartier Ephémère
Type of structure association
Continent : Amérique du Nord
Country : Canada
Address/tel/fax : Quartier Éphémère
745 rue Ottawa
H3C 1R8, Montréal, Qc, Canada
tél: +1(514) 392-1554
fax: + 1 (514) 392-0579
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Caroline Andrieux

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Quartier Éphémère is a cultural association that supports the creation, production and dissemination of the work of emerging and established visual artists. working simultaneously to preserve architectural and industrial heritage, the association establishes artists’ studios, technical facilities and exhibition spaces in abandoned or unused buildings.

Quartier Éphémère is a non-profit visual arts organisation which seeks to encourage and promote the work of emerging artists from the montreal area and the rest of quebec and canada. following an agreement with a landlord,the organization occupies unused or abandoned historic buidings, creating exhibition spaces and artists’ studios. thus, the building’s upkeep and commercial value is assured, while industrial heritage is promoted. visiting artists from france and other parts of the world constitute an important part of the quartier éphémère’s mandate. the organization is financially autonomous, funded through a combination of governmental and private sources. the darling foundry renovations will be undertaken by a collective of young montreal-based architects, ’atelier in situ’ , already active in the historical faubourg des récollets neighbourhood.

The faubourg is currently in the initial stages of a massive revitalisation, due largely to the newly established presence of multimedia firms, as well as government initiatives to support technological enterprises in the area. the establishment of a major contemporary art centre will create a focal point for artistic activity, providing facilities for artists in the community, and working to establish links between commercial enterprise and artistic practice.

The establishment of QUARTIER EPHÉMàˆRE within an old industrial area in the process of redevelopment is a difficult but interesting challenge. Despite a relative isolation and a seemingly limited environment, the proximity of the downtown, the old port, and the continued developments of the Lachine Canal and the Multimedia City all provide access to an expanded public and a dynamic atmosphere.

Former use : foundry
Surface of the site : 3500 m2
Architect of the rehabilitation : Atelier in situ
Foundation year : association founded in 1994
Type of occupation : lease for 15 years
Owner of the building : Montreal city council

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- modulable space (concert hall, bar, restaurant, performing arts hall , multimedia room)
- workshops / june 2003
- offices
- exhibition hall/gallery
- photo laboratory / june 2003

Artistic and social disciplines: image 200 x 133

- Visual art : Residencies-Creation -Exhibition

- MULTIMEDIA : Residencies-Creation -Production-Diffusion-trainings - debates - spaces rental - festivals

- Music : rental of space, performances (sometimes)

- Theatre : rental of space, performances (sometimes

Financial support image 200 x 133

- for the renovation
Société de développement de Montréal
Ville de Montréal
Bureau du Canada pour le millénaire
Ministère de la culture et des communications, Québec
Ministère de la Métropole, Québec
Lafarge Canada
Cité multimédia

- support for the functionning
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
Conseil des art de la communauté urbaine de Montréal
Conseil des arts du Canada
Ville de Montréal
D.A.I, Ministère de la Culture France
A .F.A.A., Miinstère des Affaires Etrangères français