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Name of the centre: The Chocolate Factory
Type of structure : Haringey Arts Council: not-for-profit limited company, registered charity
Profile of the initiators of the project : voluntary-sector organisation of arts/creative members
Continent: Europe
Country: England
Address/tel/fax : Haringey Arts Council
The Chocolate Factory
Clarendon Road
London N22 6XJ
Tel: +44 020 8365 7500
Fax: +44 020 8365 8686
E-mail :
Contact: Peter Sinclair


Established in 1985, Haringey Arts Council is the principal agency for arts and creative industries development in the North London area. Haringey Arts Council leases and manages 5,000 square meters of floor space at the Chocolate Factory to provide studios for over 120 local artists, film, music, theatre, photography and crafts-based businesses. The refurbishment began in 1997 and has created 75 artist studios, sculpture studios and a large photographic studio complex half owned by Haringey Arts Council. The site is shared with other organisations and businesses that have created rehearsal studios, theatre scenery construction and design workshops. A cafe/restaurant has now opened. The Chocolate Factory is a key centre of production for the creative industries in North London.

-  Former use: sweet factory
-  Surface of the site: 10,000 m²
-  Architect of the rehabilitation: none
-  Foundation year: 1997
-  Type of occupation : lease
-  Owner of the building: Workspace Group plc


-  75 artists and crafts studios,
-  sculpture studios,
-  photographic studio complex,
-  lithographic printers,
-  music/video recording studios,
-  training and seminar rooms.

Social and artistic disciplines

-  contemporary theatre - creation-production-spaces rental

-  music - creation-production-training-spaces rental

-  visual art- creation-production-diffusion-spaces rental

-  multimedia- creation-production-training-spaces rental

-  cinema/audiovisual- creation-production-training-spaces rental

-  literature/poetry -diffusion-debates-festivals

-  community- unemployment training-festivals

Other structures settled on the site

- Middlesex University Fine Arts Department
- Mountview Theatre School
- Scanlan Studios (animation)

Financial support: None

Networks: In development

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