Name of the responsible structure: Gasworks
Type of structure : non for profit association
Profile of the initiators of the project : association
Continent : Europe
Country : England
Address/tel/fax : 155 Vauxhall St, London SE11 5RH
Tel: +0044 (0)20 7587 5202
Fax: +0044 (0)20 7582 0159
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Mia Jankowicz/Alessio Antoniolli


Gasworks is a studios and gallery complex based in South East London. Ten studios are rented to London based artists and three are reserved for an International Residency Programme for non-UK based artists. Such an environment has encouraged exchange of ideas between practitioners and has often instigated experimentation with new concepts and new materials. The non-prescriptive and process-based nature of the residencies allows visiting artists to develop projects in response to their new environment, or to conduct research benefiting from London’s resources.

Gasworks residencies include an education and outreach programme, with some dedicated to working with local community groups. All residencies culminate in an Open Studio.

Gasworks Gallery hosts up to seven exhibitions a year and profiles emerging or mid-career international or UK artists whose practice is of outstanding quality and who have limited previous exposure in London. The Gallery is committed to the professional development of artists and offers a strong level of curatorial, administrative and practical support. The exhibitions are complimented by a programme of education and off-site activities which aim to introduce and discuss themes and ideas of contemporary international art practice to both a younger and a professional audience

Former use : Warehouse/storage
Total surface of the site : 7,000 sq ft
Architect of the rehabilitation : (in the recent refurbishment:) Kathrin Bà¶hm and Andreas Lang, and Seki Hirano.
Renovation costs of the building : £14,000 initially (1994), £70,000 in recent access refurbishment (2004)
Location : Central London
Foundation year of the centre : 1994
Type of occupation: Lease
Owner of the building : Private trust

Infrastructures / Facilities

Gasworks’s building comprises thirteen studios, a gallery, an education space, an artists’ computer room, and three offices. Three of the studios are set aside for use during the International Residency Programme; the others are let privately.

Social and artistic disciplines

Gasworks works with a broad consideration of the visual arts and develops a number of events including exhibitions, performances, residencies, artists’ talks, open studios, and education/outreach projects based both on and off-site. Additionally Gasworks is concerned with coordinating a number of international activities including workshops and residencies as part of Triangle Arts Trust.

Know more about the international residency programme

Financial support

Gasworks and Triangle Arts Trust receive core funding from Arts Council England as well as applying for support from various public and private sector sources on a project-by-project basis.


Gasworks is part of Triangle Arts Trust, an international network of residencies and workshops offering artists the opportunity develop their practice stimulated by a climate of international exchange and dialogue. Please see for further information. As part of Triangle, Gasworks is one of nine studio buildings. Others include the Bag Factory in South Africa, CCA7 in Trinidad, and Kuona Trust in Kenya.

In addition, Gasworks is establishing links with other organisations regionally and internationally.

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