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Name of the responsible structure : Junction CDC LIMITED
Type of structure : Company limited by guarantee and registered charity
Profile of the initiators of the project : Cambridge Venue Group
Continent : Europe
Country : Great Britain
Address/tel/fax : Clifton Road
Cambridge CB1 7GX
tel: 44/1 223 578 000
fax: 44/1 223 565 600
E-mail :
Contact : Paul Bogen, director

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The Junction’s aim is to be the centre and driving force for youth culture in the mid-Anglia region, developing the range and quality of arts provision for young people as one of the premier venues of its kind in Britain. This is to be achieved through promoting a quality regional, national and international live performance programme which is popular, innovative and enjoyable; ensuring that the expectations and needs of our audience inform programming, reflecting their cultural demands and interests; supporting and developing new generations of artists, by commissioning and presenting their work and encouraging understanding of, and participation in the arts and entertainment industry, through an education and participatory programme.

Former use: Junction is a new building, placed on a former cattle market site.
Architect of the new building : John Wheelhouse and Trystan Rees-Roberts
Total surface: 2500 m2
Indoor surface : 2000 m2
Place property : Cambridge City Council
Occupation type : rent
Location : peryphery of Cambridge
Foundation year of the centre : 1990

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- 3 Bars with standing capacities of 150, 200 and 200
- Dance hall - 185 seated capacity
- Rehearsal studios - use of theatre hall 200 square metres
- Theatre hall - one 200 square metres 115-135 seated capacity
- production studios (video, audio, etc.) Digital studio 25 square metres
- Music and club venue - one 600 square metres 850-1,050 standing capacity

Social and artistic disciplines image 200 x 131

- Visual arts : Exhibitions, Installations
- Music : Rock, Pop, Folk, Roots, Clubs, International
- Contemporary Dance
- Theatre : Experimental, Physical, children, community
- Circus : workshops and performances made by a community circus group
- Radio : Internet
- Multimedia : Commissions, Web, Presentations
- Video : Professional and community filming & editing
- Graphic creation : Desk Top Publishing
- Video presentations of new work

- Workshops : Theatre, dance, music, multimedia, DJ
- Kids specific cultural activities : workshops, projects, performances
- Disabled people education or arts : performances, workshops
- Artists residencies : digital, theatre writing
- videos studios, digital studio
- Artist education/training programmes : bursaries and commissions

Financial support image 132 x 200

Arts Council of England

Eastern Arts Board

Cambridge City Council

South Cambridgesgire District Council

- Own income in the budget 80%

- Others :


- Bowen West Theatre
- Digital arts network

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