Geographic focus: the Saxony.

The Foundation of Lower Saxony focuses on encouraging individuals, promoting quality and acting quickly and efficiently, more specifically, in the field of culture and arts.

Activities :

- Art/Culture : *fine arts, literature, music, theatre (exhibitions and catalogues, theatre workshops for young artists).
*reconstruction of historical buildings for a contemporary approach to the cultural heritage.
*museums, libraries

Spectrum International Prize for Photography: awarded to a prominent artist and includes an exhibition and catalogue at the Sprengel Museum. The cash award is 15.000 €.

Hannover International Violin Competition: every three years for young violinists. Prize package meant to assist and encourage talented young violinists in their professional development.

- Science : teaching and scholarly research (universities, research institutions)

- Education : *scholarships for Journalists from Eastern Europe
*the Literature Program of the Foundation of Lower Saxony
(younger and established authors and youth interested in writing, writing in the German language).
*Young Europeans Program for German-speaking pupils throughout Europe to provide experience and information about the present and to discover and discuss the common roots of their European identity.

Public :

- Individuals

- Associations

- Organisations

Procedures :

No application forms.
Information to be provided :

- description of the project

- project schedule

- detailed financial plan
Applications can be sent to the office of the Foundation of Lower Saxony at any time (excepted for larger projects: at least four months prior to their scheduled implementation).

Remarks :

The Foundation provides opportunities for dialogue on contemporary issues.

Contact :

Address: Stiftung Niedersachsen
SophienstraàŸe 2
D-30159 Hannover
Téléphone : +49 (5 11) 9 90 54-16
E-mail :
Site web :

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