Geographic focus: Projects concerning Hungary. However, the Open Society has offices all around the world.

Soros Foundation aims to promote open societies in a wide field of activities.

Activities :

- Youth : enhance social and educational structures to have an impact on the welfare and development of children and adolescents.
Countries: Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union

The Education Support Program: facilitate change in education and national policy development.
Countries: Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and Mongolia.

- Arts and Culture : promote cultural and artistic collaboration throughout the Soros foundations network; foster structural changes in cultural policy; and help develop an autonomous and innovative arts sector.
Type of support: grants. Programme currently suspended.

- Health: fight against disease, drugs

- Law and justice : promote rights-based law reform, enhance Human Rights and Women Rights

Type of support:

- Grants

- Scholarships, fellowships

Public :

- Institutions

- Individuals

- Students

- Associations

Procedures :

Application form all along the year


Address : Bolyai u. 14
Budapest, H-1023
Phone: (361) 315 0303
Fax: (361) 315 0201
Contact: Ms. Anna Belia, Executive Director

Modified on Tuesday 10 February 2004