Geographic focus: all the regions of the country.

Open Society Found main objective of the Foundation is to support the development of an open, democratic, and civil society in Lithuania.

Activities :

The Foundation initiates its programmes, and finances Lithuania citizens projects.


- Law : protection of human rights, legal education, the creation of a free legal aid system, and anticorruption.

- Civil initiatives : co-operation between non-governmental organisations, new civil initiatives, democratic society, new models of civic activity.

- Health : medical care, equal possibilities for everybody.

- Public policy

- East-East : Partnership Across Borders (solution of the regional problems of the countries).
Procedures : The deadline for submission the applications to the OSF-Lithuania - no later that 12 weeks before the event.

- Information : development of an information society to take advantage of the opportunities offered by those new technologies.

- Publishing : publication in Lithuanian of the most important works in humanities and social sciences of the 20th century and the classics of philosophical and political thought.


- Education : development of schools, high education, teaching, educational activities, education law,

- Science/studies

- Culture : interdisciplinary projects, music, theatre, dance, visual arts, architecture.
Type of support : grants and scholarships.
Public : artistic unions, associations, public enterprises, national and regional culture institutions, various societies, clubs.

- Medicine : enhancement of health care, development of children health.

- Communication/publishing

- Society : security and citizenship

Type of support:

- Grants


Address : Didzioji Str. 5
Vilnius LT- 2001
Phone: (370 5) 268 55 11
Fax: (370 5) 268 55 12
Contact : Executive Director: Ms. Diana Vilyte

Modified on Tuesday 10 February 2004