Geographic focus : Estonia.

Avatud Eesti Fond mission is to promote the infrastructure and institutions of an open society through the support of civil society, cooperation, networking, policy analysis and public debate.

Activities :

- European program : provide people a better knowledge about the institutions of the EU and pan-European associations
Type of support : round-table discussions, seminars, conferences and training; surveys and political analysis; publication of various materials; and supporting projects.

- East East program : promote a cross-border partnership for social innovation and activism, local and regional development, transformation and innovation.

- Baltic-American partnership program Estonia : strengthen the infrastructures that support (NGOs) and informal civic group activities, and the environments in which they work

- Minorities activities: integration of minority groups (youth, education, cultural and artistic activities, ect...)

Type of support:

- Conferences/seminaries

- Grants

- Publications

- Scholarships

- Technical assistance

Procedures :

Standard application forms are available upon request. Forms may vary by competition and programme.


Address : Estonia pst 3/5
10143 Tallinn
Tel.: +372.2.631.3791
Fax: +372.2.631.3796
Email: postmaster@oef.org.ee
Site web : www.oef.org.ee
Contact : Mall Hellam, Executive Director

Modified on Tuesday 10 February 2004