Since 2011 Res Artis has undertaken the task of comprehensively maps the world of residencies. Through the Res Artis Mapping project, they graphically portray the field of artist residencies by mapping artist residencies organisations around the globe.

Res Artis Mapping

In addition to information about each residency, - whether it is a Res Artis member or not -, the map also has the capability of graphically representing various layers that can be used to illustrate a variety of features such as the type of residency, affiliated cultural networks, and collaborative relationships established between different organisations related to the field of artist residencies and the mobility of creative people.

The aim of our map is to provide information about current residencies and their relationships—to each other, to funders, to other institutions, etc.—in order to promote further collaborations.

This project initially began with Res Artis members to maintain a current map listing of permanent residencies. With the generous support of the BKVB Funds and in partnership with Residencias en Red, they focused on mapping Latin America.

As they are in 2013 focusing on the Asian region, Res Artis has recently partnered with China Residencies, an organization that has just completed an initial research trip meeting of nearly 20 programs across mainland China and Hong Kong gathering video interviews, photo documentation, and best practices of the Chinese residency field. Together with China Residencies they will include all this information in their map soon.

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Modified on Thursday 12 December 2013