In A Coruà±a (Spain), an old prison will be reopened as a cultural centre

A meeting about the new participative models of cultural management in November 2010 was organized by the Municipality of A Coruà±a and the association Ese8, it was an opportunities for analysing various models of management, national and international. It was a time to study the questions of the renovation of building with the culture.

The different experiences of independent management in Spain and Europe served to stimulate debate in the city of A Coruà±a with regard to the model that will be applied in developing a cultural centre in the building, which stopped functioning as a prison only a year ago.

Constructed in 1927, the old prison of A Coruà±a has a built space of about 13,000 m2. The old prison is right in front of the Roman lighthouse Hercules and very close to the centre of the city. The City Hall and a network of city organisations are promoting its transformation into a new cultural centre with a regional and international reach.

In june 2011, the old prison will be reopened for the first cultural activities, for the moment a movie festival " from I to J ".

Source : Culturaindependiente and Trans Europe Halles

Modified on Wednesday 29 December 2010