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Name of the responsible structure : Raw-Tempel e.v.
Type of structure : association
Profile of the initiators of the project : group of Friedrichshain residents (neighborhood)
Continent : Europe
Country : Germany
Address/tel/fax :
RAW-tempel e.V. Revalerstrasse 99 10245 Berlin
Tel. + 49 (0) 30/2924695
Mail : info@raw-tempel.de
Website : www.raw-tempel.de
Contact : Harm Oltmann


The RAW-tempel association was founded in July 1998 by a group of Friedrichshain residents interested in resurrecting the vast grounds in Revaler StraàŸe, decaying right before their eyes. The association planned / aimed for interim use of the buildings, for a period of up to 10 years . For this space of time the future of the area remains uncertain and its vacancy could cause problems like decay of the buildings that are protected as historical monuments, as well as abuse of the disused grounds. These numerous and varied buildings can be used temporarily by cultural initiatives, youth projects and various international artists.
The RAW -tempel association wants to bring a new live spirit into the area and to promote future develompent in the district by supplying new ideas. In the meantime there are over 30 project partners and over 60 interested parties participating in the RAW-tempel project . The number, determination and commitment of the people involved enheartens and gives hope that this creative citizens’ initiative will be recognized by high-placed influential desicion-makers .

Co-operating within the neightbourhood, the city and the world!

Opportunities for the use of the grounds have been drawn up in contracts between the Friedrichshain local council and the German Rail. Now long-term concrete contracts are being negotiated. In June 1999 the association began to use the space with the far-sighted aim to organize large-scale events on weekly basis and provide spaces for various artists and teams. The association hopes to prolong the interim use contract and that in the meantime other perspectives and possibilities will emerge . RAW-grounds are situated between 3 Berlin districts (Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Mitte) , being an ideal location for events and performances, as well as for establishing workshops, youth projects, studios, citizens’ advice organizations, exhibitions etc. Now the cultural life in the neightbourhood develops in the formerly abandoned area, which used to be a sad sight for many residents.

RAW -right here and now!

For the moment 6000 m2 are being re-used in the former administration building, the employees’ residence building, the warehouse and in the court-yard. Other buildings of the complex will eventually be examined and handed over to further initiations.

Former use : railroad depot Franz Stenzer
Total surface of the site : for the moment 6000 m² in use
Location : city centre
Foundation year of the centre : 1999
Type of occupation : lease
Owner of the building : company DB-Eimm

Financial support

has enabled the RAW-tempel association to use the grounds by acting as a mediator and the main tenant to the owner- the company DB-Eimm. In february 1999 at the first public presentation of the interim use concept of the RAW team, the council declared that the city needs more alternative projects and ensured the association of its support. It managed to convince the DB company to let the association revive the disused grounds. These negotiations were followed by a contract between the council and the owner. By supporting the project the council has shown that even with low funding it is possible to promote cultural activities.

In July 1999 the association RAW-tempel presented its first event at the RAW-site : the East-West-polis.This event has been made possible by special funding from the local council senate.

- Fund "Assistance"
In july 1999 the fund "Assistance"has provided DM 1000,- in order to finance a new electricity connection on the grounds.

The Berlin electricity corporation has shown itself flexible in creating the new electricity connection with capacity of 83 kva by allowing low prices and convenient payment modalities. The new connection was installed in November 1999.

- FIPS e.V.
This other Friedrichshain assiciation has played a great role in the initial phase of the project by providing technical assistance as well as various equipment.

- Speedlink GmbH
is an internet server both for amateurs and profs. The speedlink sponsors our web-space and allows us fare-free use of the web-space for one year.

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