Name of the responsible structure : theatrale/ Die Freien Komà¶dianten e.V.
Type of structure : non for profit association
Profile of the initiators of the project : collective of people from theatre field mostly
Continent : Europe
Country : Germany
Address/tel/fax : office + post: Gr. Brauhausstrasse 16, 06108 Halle
audience: Waisenhausring 2, 06108 Halle
both: 0049 - 345 - 532 38 41 fax -42
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Frank Heinecke


The association (in German: "Verein") was founded in 1994 by the actor Tom Wolter and other persons. After a few years as a street theatre, they start to use the "Volkspark" (one of the first cultural- and meeting places from the upcoming "Social Democratic Party" in Germany from the end of the 19th century) as a first fixed theatrebuilding. But that building was in reality a ruin, so they moved in march 2001 to a bulding in the citycentre, the old "stock exchange for agricultural products". We called the new building "theatrale" and use that word much more often, as the name of the association. In the two and a half years of existing, theatrale is on a good way, because more and more people know it and visit it. Our audience are students and theatreinterested citicens from Halle, who want to see something more fresh and interesting productions as in the other 5 theatres, owned by the city of Halle or the country of Sachsen - Anhalt.
The production principe we follow is "collective acting", what means, that we work without a director. So the actors have more responsibilty for their work and they bring more of their "heart" into the work.

Former use : stock exchange for agricultural products (built 1864)
Total surface of the site : about 400 qm
Architect of the rehabilitation : Gerd Westermann
Renovation costs of the building : about 100.000 Euro
Location : city
Foundation year of the centre : 2001
Type of occupation : rented building
Owner of the building : Gà¼nter Papenburg AG

Infrastructures / Facilities

- theatre hall : (first floor, very variable, 99 seats, 250 places without seats, light and sound equipment)
- cafè (ground floor, 60 places, small stage)
- vault (basement, 50 places, special

Social and artistic disciplines
- theatre (especially dramas with 5 own productions each year and guest performances)
- author readings,
- concerts (jazz, songwriter),
- highlights: spring: theatrefestival "Westà–stlicher Diwan", summer: open air theatre since 2002 in the courtyard of an 800-years- old castle in Halle)

Other structures/organisations resident on the site

We support young theatregroups with opening theatrale for their productions, see "networks"

Financial support

- city of Halle,
- county of Sachsen - Anhalt,
- foundation "Stiftung Kulturfonds"


LanZe (association of „Free theatres in Sachsen -
Trans Europe Halles

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