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Name of the responsible structure : Moritzbastei B Gmbh
Type of structure : Foundation (“GmbH†) created in 1993
Profile of the initiators of the project : FDJ (national youth-organisation in the German Democratic Republic)
Continent : Europe
Country : Germany
Address/tel/fax :
Università¤tsstr.9/ PF 1027
04109 Leipzig
tel. : (+49) 341/ 70259-0
fax : (+49) 34170259-59
Contact : Gerald raunig , Frank Heinecke

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Moritzbastei (mb) is a cultural centre open every day. It is intended mainly for students but also for every kind of audience. It presents music (about 3 or 4 concerts of different styles each week), theatre, literature, films, discussions, parties (on a max. of 5 floors with completely different music), exhibitions (comics, cartoons), festivals…

-  Former use of the building: part of the city-wall (built from 1551-53 by Hieronymus Lotter)
18th century: one of the first non-confessional schools in Germany
19th century: women’s professional school (closed in the 1930s by the Nazis)
1945: bombed; a ruin under a “green hill” until 1972 (start of renovation)

-  Name of the architect of the former building: Hieronymus Lotter
-  Name of the architect of the new building: Bernd Lauenroth (†)
-  Total surface of the global site : 1400 m2
-  Total surface of the indoor space: 1400 m2 + 3 outside spaces, 2 courtyards, the terrace, the terrace-roof all used in fine weather
-  Ownership: the city of Leipzig
-  Type of occupation: loan negociation to the foundation with city council
- Foundation year of the centre : 1979

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-  Bar: 7
-  Restaurant: 1 cafeteria
-  Cinema: periodically
- Art gallery in cafeteria, specialised in cartoons and comics (monthly exhibition)
-  Venue for dance and theatre

Social and artistic disciplines image 200 x 137

-  Comics, cartoons
-  Music: all except classic
-  Clubs: 5 floors – 5 styles (“all you can dance”)
-  Theatre: once a week
-  Multimedia
-  Video
-  Graphic creation: for posters and other promotion
-  Cinema: diffusion

The Moritzbastei is primarily a venue for cultural events, but it co-operates
with associations of foreign students, for instance with the “AIDS-Hilfe” but also with organisations of handicapped people and many others.

Financial support

- The City of Leipzig (for the loan contract and for some projects)
- Country of Saxonia (Sachsen)
- University of Leipzig

Sponsors: some small gastronomic enterprises


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