Name of the responsible structure: Consense - Gesellschaft zur Fà¶rderung von Kultur mbH
Type of structure: GmbH (limited liability company)
Continent : Europe
Country : Germany
Address/tel/fax :
Schà¶nhauser Allee 36
D-10 435 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 443150
Fax : +49 30 44315199
Contact : Sà¶ren Birke, Katja Lucker, Susa Treubrodt



The brewery, situated in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg is one of the most popular event halls in Berlin.
Since it’s re-opening, since 1990, the Kulturbrauerei has become one of the leading addresses of Berlin’s cultural life.
7.5 million people have since then visited 9.000 concerts, exhibitions and festivals, representing 30.000 artists performing on the originally preserved and architecturally protected site. (State on 31.12.2006)


At the end of the 20th century the plans of the present building complex of the Kulturbrauerei were drawn from the hands of architect Franz Schwechten. The building became famous under the name Schultheiss-Patzenhofer-Brauerei, not only for producing and distributing beer brands all over the world, but also for be the worldwide largest brewery in the 1920-30’. In 1967 the brewery was closed down for an indefinite period of time and it took until 1990 that the original site was taken over by the Treuhand TLG. In 1991 it was renamed the Kulturbrauerei and has since then enjoyed worldly fame as an internationally renowned cultural centre.


Since 1990, the Kesselhaus has worked hard in becoming on of the top 5 events halls for live concerts. With a capacity to welcome about a 1000 visitors, the Kesselhaus is a cultural magnet in the heart of Berlin, displaying authenticity and bare industrial charm which offers an atmospherical platform for festivals, concerts, lectures, theatre, dance and opera productions, such as club venues.
Kesselhaus seeks to put forward in their program various forms of contemporary art, promotes it and places it in an intercultural context. Music is here the main focus. The Kesselhaus enjoys world fame in the World music scene, the East-European and French speaking music scene. In the meanwhile international festivals such as the Popkomm take place on a regular basis.
The musical profile of the Kesselhaus does not limit itself to just these genres, because it is also one of the main sites for pop concerts proposed by Germany’s key concert organizers, as well as a party location for amongst others the Vandit nights by Paul Van Dyk.
A claim in programming is also to offer support to youthful and fresh artists and uncommon forms of expression.
New, experimental concepts unquestionably find a platform here.


The Maschinenhaus was founded with help from the German Lottery and reopened in 2004.
Down in the basement the house offers an excellent welcome for visitors of both the Kesselhaus and the Machinenhaus with a vestibule, ticketing office and a vestiaire.
Upstairs yet another event site has been constructed offering place for about 250 people standing.
The importance of keeping the charisma and appeal of the old building has always been emphasized during construction and renovation, as well as offering all the technological advantages an event hall needs to contain.
The Kesselhaus and the Maschinenhaus are in such close proximity of each other that blending is not only possible but encouraged in the event of bigger festivals.

Consense GmbH

Consense GmbH’s mission statement is to make opportunities, in the field of cultural development, possible.
As an actor of Berlin’s creative industries, Consense GmbH contributes to this in forming and creating a European and global identity for the individual as well as various cultural defined groups.
The cultural field is required to create esthetical, social and psychological realities.
It is exactly this understanding challenging Consense GmbH and their partners on a daily basis.

A pragmatic yet essential demand is an annual events calendar. The Kulturbrauerei is a place drawing specific crowds to defined events, yet also a place attracting spontaneous visits.
To combine cultural offers with innovative art on a daily basis is the challenge.

365 Days and nights of culture

Former use : Schultheiss-Patzenhofer Brauerei (Beer brewery)
Total surface of the site : 20 000m2
Location: City - Prenzlauer Berg
Foundation year of the centre : 1990
Type of occupation: Lease
Owner of the building : TLG Immobilien GmbH

Infrastructures / Facilities

Variable Concert/Theater Hall (light and sound equipment) + Bar
Capacity: 1000 standing places (special arrangements possible)
Ground Floor: 425m2
Gallery (First Floor): 125m2.

Basement: Tourist Information Centre, Ticketing Office and vestiaire
First Floor: Variable Concert/Theater Hall + Bar.
Capacity: 250 standing places + 120 seated places
Concert Hall : 150m2

Social and artistic disciplines

- Concerts (Worldmusic, Alternative Rock/Pop, Blues, Underground, Gothic, Newcomer, Classic and New Music)
- Theatre
- Literature and cultural, social and political talks
- Fairs and conferences
- Festivals (Music Festivals, Eastern Europe Festival project, Theme Festivals)

Other structures/organisations resident on the site

- Russiches Kammertheater (Russian chamber Theatre)
- Theater Ramba Zamba (Theatre Workshop for persons with a mental handicap)
- Literaturworkshop Berlin (Literature Workshop)
- Sammlung Industrieller Gestaltung (Design Museum)
- Kino Cinemaxx (Cinema)
- Galerie im Kino (Art Gallery)
- Soda Club (Dance Club), Soda Salon (Small Events,
- Conferences, Literature), Soda Lobby (Restaurant & Lounge)
- Frannz Club (Dance Club and Live Venues) &

- NBI (Electro Club, Live Venues & Music Label)
- Alte Kantine (Bar, Live Venues, Theater, Exhibitions and Parties)

Palais (over 450m2 Multifunctional)
- Musikschule “TonArt†(Music School)
- Berlin on Bike (Bike Rental & Berlin Tour)
- TIC (Tourist Information Centre)
- Pool and Cigars (Billard Lounge)
- Sound & Drumland (Music Shop)
- Biergarten
- Supermarket
- Fitness Club

Financial support

Land Berlin,
Senatsverwaltung fà¼r Wissenschaft,
Forschung und Kultur.

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