Geographic focus: Local or regional territory.

The Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF) is committed to programs that respond to political and economic change and contribute to the long-term development of open society in Georgia.

Activities :

- Public Health Program : to support the development of Georgian health sector aiming significant improvement of quality of life and health status of population.
Type of supports : grants.

- National Women’s Program : to broaden the women’s movement in the regions of the country, and providing visibility for women of Georgia internationally.

- Mass Media Program : support of independent media and independent journalists, Developing journalist’s skills, Supporting journalists’ cooperation.
Type of supports: grants, issued on competitions as well as supporting free projects.
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- Rule of Law Program : to support current legal reforms, to the protection of human rights, raising legal awareness of the public, and the fight against corruption.
Type of supports: grants.

- National Education Program : to provide support for the implementation of education reform in Georgia; to create civil society; to focus on the far away regions and collaborate with conflict regions; to involve ethnic minorities.
Type of supports: grants, issued on competitions all throughout the year.

Public :

- Organizations

- Individual, collective projects


Address : Chovelidze Str. 10,
010808 Tbilisi
Tel: (995 32) 93 89 99 or 25 0
Fax: (995 32) 29 10 52
Website: (to see in english)
Executive director: Mr. Alexander Lomaia

Modified on Wednesday 4 February 2004