Geographic focus: Czech Republic.

Open Society Fund is a foundation supporting the development of spiritual values, humanistic aims, education, and culture in the Czech Republic.

Activities :

- Education : for pre-school education, health education, high schools, universities, students and graduates.

- Culture : publishing of journals and books, performing arts, an Open Society Cultural Link Programme, the Soros Centre for the Contemporary Arts, and cultural institutions.

- Civil Society: community partnership initiatives, communication at community level, community grants, programmes for museums.

- International Cooperation: The East East Programme is an important aspect in the promotion of international cooperation.

- Minorities Activities: *Roma Programme supports individual and collective projects with the aim of advancing the Roma community in the fields of education, culture, human rights and the creation of a better understanding of the Roma minority by society.

* Improvement of Inter-Ethnic Relations aims to aid and strengthen relations among various groups of citizens in ethnically mixed regions, in the fields of education, media, culture and civil society.

Type of supports:

- Educational programs

- Grants

Public :


- Non-profit activities


Adresse : Seifertova 47
Praha 3, CZ-130 00 Czech Republic
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