The journey wich is full of surprise
As these backstage snippets of conversation, advice and cathartic confessions from interviews with experienced international co-producers in Europe and Asia demonstrate, it is high time for this publication.

International Co-Production Manual

“Experiences are the most important thing, there is no advice.
†Dejan Pestotnik,KIBLA, Slovenia

The idea for the International Co-Production Manual first came from the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) who in the past five years have developed strategies to support Korean performing artists and companies to enter overseas markets. KAMS joined with IETM, whose 30 years experience as an international network for contemporary performing arts places them at the forefront as an observer of trends in the quality, development and contexts of contemporary performing arts in the global environment. Both partners wanted a study that would inform their members and constituents and honour diverse experiences of international co-production and

“Cultures and arts influence each other: they are developed and made sophisticated by many encounters and exchanges. It cannot be like a seed in a flask raised to bloom without any contact with the outside world.â€
Satoshi Miyagi, Kunauka Theatre, Japan

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Modified on Tuesday 8 November 2011