ON-AiR: Reflecting on the mobility of artists in Europe
European tool for artists; mobility workshops and training programs on artist-in-residence (AiR) opportunities.
International AiR programs and other mobility schemes are an integral part of art practice today. AiR centres function as alternative ‘academies’, catalysing artistic intelligence and dialogue. Hosts, guests, peers, and the public explore, build, and share knowledge and experience, that cross borders and cultures. Through AiR programs artistic resources are accumulated and distributed.


The initiators of the On-AiR project (all experts playing key roles in EU mobility schemes) identified 2 urgent issues :

1. An imbalance between knowledge and skills among potential users of AiR programs. To know that AiR opportunities are ‘out there’ is something else than to have skills to access and make use of them.

2. A need of exchange of intelligence among providers of AiR programs, to develop and sustain their role as catalysts for mobility.
Both issues are connected to East-West imbalances, as the “Mobility Matters†report rightly states. This asks for collaborative approach that adjusts to the specific needs in different European regions. That’s the challenge of ‘On-AiR’, to which 19 AiR Centres and affiliated partners in 15 EU member and applicant countries are committed.
The aim is to balance differences and provide equal intelligence, skills and practical tools for art practitioners in all EU regions to successfully select, access and participate in AiR programs. The innovative , practical, developmental approach of this collaborative process intertwines with the second aim of mutual support and intelligence building among the partner organisations.
In doing so ‘On-AiR’ employs intelligence, exploration, resource sharing, fairness and sustainability, which ERICarts advocates as pillars for a developmental approach to mobility schemes. ‘On-AiR’ catalyses such an employment by the partners. To a lasting benefit of art practitioners’ mobility.


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ON-AiR Reflecting on the mobility of artists in Europe, 2012, 167 pages, written in English, Contributions by Jenny Brownrigg, Pau Cata Marles, Anna Detheridge, Lotte Geeven, Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt, Erik Hagoort, Ludwig Henne, Marijke Hoogenboom, Wim Legrand, Marija Mojca Pungercar, Bojana Panevska, Bertan Pocesta Selim, Ilgim Veryeri-Alaca, Heidi Vogels and Yeb Wiersma.

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