Since the beginning of the century, the theme of entrepreneurship has been gaining ground in the debates about the cultural field in France, in connection with various mutations which it now has to cope with. Sometimes in response to the previous trend, the theme of co-operation is developing simultaneously, especially at the level of very small cultural organizations. As a continuation of his previous works, Philippe Henry proposes a double perspective on these issues.

A general and didactic article* examines the notion of cultural entrepreneurship from several angles. It highlights the fact that today’s cultural micro-organizations with professionnal aim are wrestling with very rough socio-economic tensions, that some cooperative approaches try to at least moderate.
A study report** presents the results of an exploratory research on three concrete and contrasting situations of cooperative arrangement mainly involving cultural micro-enterprises with other than profit-making goals. The comparative analysis of these cases brings out the obvious contributions and the no less recurring difficulties of this type of approach.

* « L’entrepreneuriat culturel : des tensions génériques qu’amplifie la petite taille des organisations », self-publishing under Creative Commons license, 2018, 36 p.

version française / french version

** Agencements coopératifs et micro-entreprises culturelles. Trois études de cas, self-publishing under Creative Commons license, 2018, 127 p.

version française / french version

Philippe Henry is a researcher in socio-economics of culture. He is a retired lecturer of Université Paris 8 – Saint-Denis.

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