Geographic focus: Finland.

FINNISH CULTURAL FOUNDATION purpose is "fostering and developing the spiritual and economic culture of the Finnish people."

Activities :

- Sciences and arts studies: for post-graduate and post-doctoral students.
Type of supports: scholarships, EUR 3.500 to EUR 13.500 a year.

- Artistic work

- Any other work promoting culture in Finland

- Music: Mirjam Helin International Singing Competition. Two categories:
*women born in l973 or later
*men born in 1971 or later
Application form together with enclosures should be sent to the Competition Committee to arrive by 15 March 2004.

Public :

- Individuals

- Groupes

- Organizations
Supports concerning Finland.

Procedures :

The application should include:
*detailed research or work plan (objective, significance, originality, method)
*time schedule
*budget plan
*Curriculum Vitae
*letter of reference (from the tutoring professor of the studies or other relevant authority

The application time is the month of October. The closing date is Friday, 31 October 2003. Applications sent by post must be delivered to the Foundation by that time.
Applications sent by telefax or e-mail are not accepted.
The decisions about grants will be made by the 15th of February 2004.

Remarks :

The Finnish Cultural Foundation offers the use of an apartment and a studio in France for Finnish artists.
The Hôtel Chevillon is situated some 70 kilometres south of Paris, in the village of Grez-sur-Loing.
The application time is the month of September.

Further information: museum director Anneli Lindstrà¶m
tel: +358 9 494 436


Address : P.O.Box 203
Bulevardi 5 A
Tel : +358 9 612 810
Fax : +358 9 640 474
Site web :
Contact : Dr Antti Arjava, General secretary

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