Since November 2007, ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs developped its resource platform around the relationship between people art and society, in order to meet the needs expressed by the different cultural actors of the territories (artists, projects, responsible institutions).

Our association works with volunteers but also with two employees, Bahija Kibou and Adeline Bourdillat. But, further to the successive reduction in subsidies, we are not able to pay them anymore. We thus had to make the very difficult choice to dismiss them.

In these circumstances, we wonder about the continuation of our association. We are looking for new models of organization, new perspectives and solutions, without certainty of success.

And beyond the case of our association stands a wider question: Is there a place today for cultural networks, groups of cultural organizations, that think, help, and support cultural structures in France and all around the world ? Will we see, one day, a cultural policy where associations and organizations of professionals will really have the means to assume their role of "civil society of culture" ?

For Artfactories/Autre(s)pARTs, the Management Board.

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Modified on Monday 15 December 2014