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The ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs’ team is glad to share with you those new summaries, publications and discoveries!

To read...

Discussion workshops’ summaries of Trans Europe Halles’s meeting 72 - October 2011 - TNT Manufacture de chaussures - Bordeaux/France.

Texts, reports :

  • European external cultural relations - Expectations from the outside
  • Culture report - EUNIC Yearbook 2011
  • On the Move : Exploring cultural mobility

In the cartography...

Kunst-Stoffe - Berlin : A collection and distribution center for scraps and trash that can be creatively reused for art and culture...

Focus on...

The invisible hands - IETM
In this publication, C. Tims and S. Wright looked at how artistic projects that directly deal with issues of the economy, money or economic exchange, resonate in today’s environment.

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