We invite you to discover our next international exhibition in France, as well as the Odyssey project, a 3-year social & artistic collaborative project sailing from the Baltic to the Mediterranean Sea. Also don’t forget to check out the two interesting reports below!

International projects

# 18th of April 2014: Exhibition Wake up friches! by ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs, la Friche de Mimi and the compagnie Sîn during the meeting Trans-borders, trans-formations, trans-gender organised by the network IETM
At La Friche de Mimi - Montpellier/France

# 2014->2017: Meeting the Odyssey - An Adventure Beyond Arts, Myths and Everyday Life in Europe


# February 2014: Sustainable Models for Shared Culture - Case Studies and Policy Issues - FCF Forum
Aims at supporting experiences, collecting challenges, sharing skills and building sustainable models for the cultural sector in the digital era

# December 2013: EU-South Korea: Current Trends of Cultural Exchange and Future Perspectives - EENC
Mapping of the current reality of cultural exchange between the EU and South Korea in several cultural specific fields

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The team of ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs

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