Name of the responsible structure : TNT
Type of structure : non for profit organization
Initiator of the project : theatre company
Continent : Europe
Country : France
Address : 226 boulevard Albert Premier, 33800 Bordeaux
Tel 33 5 56 85 82 81
Fax 33 5 56 85 25 72
Mail :
Contact : Eric Chevance


TNT took over an old shoe factory, abandoned in the 1930s, and opened its doors in April 1998. At first wholly dedicated to theatre, its artistic project has opened up other art forms, such as dance, music, the visual arts, poetry, and others, and is now focused on dissemination as much as creation. It encourages research and experimenting and presents the most contemporary forms of these arts. The "Shoe Works" is an entirely modular space, enabling a great variety of expression languages. Fixed installations, strolling, multiple stage fronts: all kinds of stage techniques can be experimented with, and consequently, all kinds of relations with the crowd.

TNT, with its artistic and cultural action workspace, is part of a new trend, one which provides a new framework to complement that offered by the institutions. It seeks to develop alternative action paths, more in phase with the world and its changes, more in line with new artistic currents, more ready to listen out for people’s real needs.

Former use : shoes factory
Surface of the site : 5000 m²
Location : city/outlying area
Foundation year : 1997
Type of occupation : lease


Multi-use space
Bar: 150 m2
Restaurant (in construction)
Dance hall (in construction)
Art gallery/exhibition places
Conference hall
Exterior spaces
Resources centre (in construction)
1 nave: 550 m2 for performances
2 rehearsal rooms: 120 m2 each
1 house: 4 bedrooms, 1 living room and 1 dining room (for artists in residence)

Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary theatre : residencies / creation / diffusion / training workshop / debate / conference / spaces rental

Music : creation / diffusion

Contemporary dance : residencies / creation / production / diffusion / training workshop / debate / conference

Visual art: diffusion

Multimedia : diffusion

Cinema-Audiovisual : diffusion

Solidarity-Citizenship : diffusion

Literature : diffusion

Other structures settled on the site

Company Tiberghien (theatre)
Catherine Contour (associate artist)
+ numerous structures punctually welcome

Financial partners

Authorities (State, City, Region, Department)
(pouvoirs publics (Etat, Ville, Région, Département))



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