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Name of the responsible structure : la Fonderie / Théâtre du Mouvement
Type of the reponsible structure : association loi 1901
Continent : Europe
Country: France
Adress : 81 avenue Galliéni 93170 Bagnolet
Tel : 33(0)1 43 63 67 67
Fax : 33 (0)1 43 63 67 68
Contact : Daniela Litoiu, Yves Marc, Claire Heggen

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The “Theatre du Mouvement†and more recently Transversales, a network founded and coordinated by Yves Marc and Claire Heggen in 1993, have for almost 25 years been developing a large spectrum of activities based on the body and the theatre: movements, gestures, dialoguing with music, words, light, scenography. This identity, well known in France and abroad, is the basis on which the company wishes to orientate the site’s artistic course. La Fonderie (the foundry) is a place where the Theatre du Mouvement can settle and carry out its activities, a cultural development site for the town of Bagnolet, and a place for international artistic exchanges within the scope of the European “Transversales†network. It’s more of a theatrical production and training site than a performing theatre.

Former use : smelting works
Location : urban
Surface of the site : 800m2
Foundation year : 1956
Type of the occupation: free-lending contract
Owner of the building : City of Bagnolet


rehearsal studios : 180 m²/100 m²
multimedia room
working studios: two
editing video studio
housing for artists in residencies : two
working space closed without day light

Social and artistic disciplines

gestural theatre: residencies / creation / production / diffusion / training workshop / debates / conferences


Les Transversales

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