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Name of the responsible structure : Les Diables Bleus
Type of the structure : association loi 1901
Initiators of the project : associations and artists collective
Continent : Europe
Country :France
Adress : 26 avenue des Diables Bleus Nice
Tel / Fax : 33 04 93 56 26 58
Website :
Contact : Djilo Smaniotto, Fred Alemany


In 1999, the Diables Bleus action group took up home in a building of the Saint Jean D’Angely military garrison in Nice, former home of their famous Blue Devil namesakes, the Chasseurs Alpins.

The Diables Bleus action group is a non profit making organisation and brings together several artistic and recreational associations. The Diables Bleus philosophy is one of openness. The group cultivates relations with many French cultural and citizen’s associations. A future hope in this field is to extend these relations outside of France, and in particular, to develop European exchanges between theatre companies, musical groups, circus artists, and any other action groups campaigning for democracy, citizen involvement, the performing arts, culture for all, and similar themes. Within their own neighbourhood, the Diables Bleus participate towards social cohesion, weaving a fabric between generations and between neighbours. They also participate in the struggle against cultural and social inequality.

Former use : former military barracks of Saint-Jean d’Angely
Surface of the site : 800 m2
Location : city
Foundation year : 1999
Type of occupation : precarious temporary lease
Owner of the building : University of Nice


rehearsal studios
multimedia room
exterior space
exhibition space
dance hall
labo photo
associative space

Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary theatre : festival (Blue october)

Music: resident Le Gli

Contemporary dance : resident Igna

Visual arts: residencies

Street performing arts : resident Agnece Bozo

Multimedia : resident Diva

Cinema-Audiovisual : resident Pepina

Solidarity-Citizenship : resident ADN

Press : resident Babazouk

Other structures settled on the site

The collectif de la Brèche ( 20 associations and 2000 m2)See site

Financial partners

French Ministry of culture
Regional council
General council (department)


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